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  Workforce Administration:  A Complex, Difficult Task With Considerable Risks.
 It has become increasingly difficult for companies to keep knowledgeable and on top of the growing complexities of payroll
 administration, taxes and tax reporting.  No less daunting are the governments requirements for workers and unemployment  
 compensation, and the general liabilities for employees in the workplace.  These difficulties are magnified in the temporary  workforce.

 More Time, Less Costs, Less Risks.

Alliance helps our customers by taking responsibility for performing the payroll, tax filing, and risk management for your employees.  
We give our clients the freedom to focus on serving your customers and running your business.  At the same time, we can reduce the cost and risk of managing your workforce.

 Payroll Partner
 Payroll partnership is a cost effective, full payroll service which provides for all customer, employee, and government needs.
                                                         Save time - Save Hassle - Save Money

Tax Filing Partner
A natural companion to Payroll Partner, we can file and pay all of your payroll taxes. 

                         More Cost Saved - Even Less Hassle - More Time For Your Customers

Risk Management Partner
Outsource your employees to Alliance.  We will become the Employer of Record.  We take over the responsibility and the
unpredictable expense of workers compensation, unemployment compensation, and general liability.
                                                      Less Risk - More Time and Cost Savings - More Rest

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